Radio interview - Cuillin FM, January 2019

I dabbled in high school radio, but this was the first time I’d ever been properly interviewed. Simon Clayton is the chairman of the Skye Reading Room committee - they brought me in to do two events, with support from the Scottish Book Trust’s Live Literature fund - and he also does a regular radio show on Cuillin FM, Ever Changing Moods, so on Wednesday morning I went into the studio to be his guest.

I thought it would feel like forever and a day, and I’d be frantically trying to come up with things to say so as to avoid a whole lot of dead air, but thankfully it all went well. For a start, Simon asked me for four music tracks to be played between the talking bits, so that was half the 40 minutes dealt with. For the record (ha! - but no stacks of wax in these modern times), my choices were:

Jesus Autem Transiens, The Sixteen
Lost Souls, Loreena McKennitt
I Can Never Give My Heart, Rose Betts
Caledonia, Dougie MacLean

Not quite Desert Island Discs, but four excellent songs nonetheless.

A few of my colleagues were listening in on the stream, threatening to email me questions to answer live on air (“Do you like Belgian waffles?”) (one of those colleagues lives in Belgium; this wasn’t completely random), though either they didn’t or Simon didn’t torment me with them.

And I waffled (ha) on about my writing motivation and how I’ve developed and my other interests, and before I knew it, we were done. And I’d happily do it again, so in addition to being available for readings, workshops, and general writing advice, I am officially now available for radio chats.